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From the piecing to the binding, Debbie loves to create her art on the longarm, telling the story through drawing and sculpting with thread.  She uses a variety of materials and techniques, including fiber, thread and paint.  She has a strong interest in using what’s already here and a desire to experiment with unique materials. Her enthusiasm for recycling and repurposing has led to the creation of some unique quilted furniture pieces, over the years.

Her deep-rooted instinct to create, had her drawing and painting from a young age. She was introduced to quilting by her husband’s Mennonite family, completing her first quilt in 1993. Since, starting her longarm-for-hire business, in 2006, she’s been bringing quilts to life with color, line and texture.  She believes that every quilt tells it’s own story and supplies clues as to what it needs to be complete.  She takes pleasure in magnifying the details, fashioning a pleasing layout and bringing her creative energy to each project.
Known for her creativity and attention to detail, her work has been exhibited across the country and resides in private collections.

In teaching, she has a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to share. She strives to make her classroom a judgement free zone where creativity and learning can flourish.

She is also the co-founder & current President of the Northwind Stitchers. A regional long-arm support group based in her hometown, Minot, North Dakota.